WinMEMS Technologies, a joint venture subsidiary with U-GEN Biotechnology Inc., owns a MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-System) semiconductor production line and is experienced with high-quality and sophisticated MEMS process. We fabricate components for a variety of applications in different industries based on our “Micro-3D-Printing Technology”.

In the last few years, WinMEMS has developed a new technology platform called EMMB (Mutiplex Magnetic Bead) system with our own semiconductor process techniques. This plaftform can be used for life science researches and IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic Device) applications in the bio-medical industry. Our patented, powerful technology enables you to track down multiple-biomarkers simultaneously, from a few up to 4,096 or even 1 billion types of biomarkers. This platform can be used for both molecular assays (nucleic acid molecules for genomic analysis) or immuno assays (antibodies/antigens for proteomic analysis). EMMB also shows its superior values on both high sensitivity and wide dynamic range performances.

WinMEMS was founded in 2007, and our headquarters is located in Guishan Industry Park, Tao Yuan City, Taiwan. We strive to support our customers to gain the competitive advantages in their product development. WinMEMS welcomes you to be our business partner and we make it easy to turn your precious research results into real products!