WinMEMS offers high-quality and sophisticated MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-System) foundry services to our customers. Our state-of-the-art technology is based on the unique LIGA-like process which enables fabrication of complex 3-dimensional micro-structures through our advanced stack-up techniques. We can fabricate various geometries designed by the customers and call this as “Micro 3D Printing Technology”.

With this enabling technology, customers can embody their innovations from concepts to realities. The design engineers may further unleash their imaginations to explore all the possibilities on a variety of applications. Our expertise is on the micron-scale component manufacturing (ranged from microns to millimeters) with high precision control (micron-range tolerance). These components have the specifications out of the scope of traditional micro-machining approaches. Different metals (mainly Nickel-based alloys) and insulation materials can also be integrated and fabricated together into one device. All the process steps are carried out in the semiconductor class-100 clean room.

WinMEMS was founded in 2007, and our headquarters is located in Hwaya Technology Park, Tao Yuan, Taiwan. We have sales offices and distributors in Taiwan, United States, Japan, China, and Singapore. We target at potential applications such as semiconductor test interface (MEMS probes), ultra-precision miniature metal parts, micro-structures, medical, micro fluidic components, airborne sensing devices, antenna, waveguides and RF contacts, accelerometers (sensitive), energy harvesters, next generation connectors (ultra fine-pitch and high-frequency interconnect), passive components (such as MEMS inductors, chokes and transformers), switches, actuators, micro robots, and aerospace applications. We keep advancing our technologies and process capabilities to be the leader in this manufacturing technology

WinMEMS is an ISO-9001 certified company. We are committed to continuous improvement for our customers' satisfaction.

Our mission is to support our customers to gain the competitive advantages in their industry sectors. WinMEMS welcomes you to be our partner and we make it easy to turn your innovative ideas into real products!

ISO 9001
ISO 9001